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Installing S60v1-v2 Fonts

Installing, changing and removing fonts (.gdr) on Nokia S60v1-v2 phones.

Automatic / Installer Method :

Requirements :
Fonts (.sis format)

Instructions :
1. On your Nokia S60v2 phone, simply install any fonts in .sis format (phone memory).

2. Reboot your phone and you have new fonts installed.

3. To change fonts, you must delete your current fonts first (no two different fonts (.gdr files) can be used at the same time, the system will still recognize the default one if ever). Open FontRemover apps, it will ask "Do you want to delete font?" press "Yes". Reboot your phone and fonts have been removed.

4. Repeat step 1 and 2 to install another desired fonts.

Manual / File Browser Method :

Requirements :
Fonts (.gdr format)
FExplorer / LCG X-plore or any 3rd party file browser application.

Instructions :
1. Install FExplorer / LCG X-plore or any file browser application, then open.

2. Create new folder "Fonts" in your memory card, save/paste here all your fonts (.gdr) files collection to choose from.

3. Go to C:\System\ and create new directory Fonts, the full path will be looks like this C:\System\Fonts.

4. Browse your files where you saved your .gdr fonts, copy (do not cut) your chosen fonts and paste it on C:\System\Fonts folder.

5. Restart your phone and you have your new fonts.

6. To change your fonts to whatever you want, go to C:\System\Fonts and rename that Fonts folder (e.g. C:\System\Fontsa), just add or delete 1 letter. Then delete the .gdr font files inside.

7. Repeat step 4 and 5 to install new fonts.

8. To remove/delete fonts and use default phone fonts, just proceed to step 6 and reboot your phone. . !

Attached Files :

 FontRemover.sis 11kb
 FExplorer v1.19.sis 124kb
 LCG X-plore v1.52.sis 419kb
 Download your fonts (.sis) here.


Compatible in most of Nokia S60v1-v2 phones : Nokia N-gage/QD, 3650/60, 6600, 3230, 6260, 6620, 6670, 7610, 6630, 6680, 6681, 6682, N70, N72, N90.

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